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Escrow Inspections and Appraisals

Now that we are in a contract, as a Seller, our effort focuses on allowing the Buyer the time and access to “VERIFY, VALIDATE, FUND AND CLOSE” their purchase.

By VERIFY, we mean explore the property and its systems and make sure what is there is actually there and as advertised.

By VALIDATE, we mean the Buyer will receive word from an independent source (the title company) that you, the Seller, actually own the property, subject to any easements/restrictions covenants, and can sell it.

By FUND, we mean the process of the Buyer going to a lender, and obtaining a loan, the conditions of which (typically) require both the Buyer AND the property to be financeable(which generally means the property must be in lendable condition, and the purchase price must be comparable to a specific set of recent sales).

By CLOSE, we mean the process of settling all debts on the property, and determining who owes what to whom, on what date, so that when the Buyer steps in and assumes ownership of the property, it is fully insured, with all accounts changed over into the Buyer’s name and visible to all entities both public (by placing your statement of ownership, known as a deed, into the “public record”) and private (like the phone, electric, insurance company, etc).

Copper West Real Estate has best in class documentation for you to review as part of our listing presentations. Please CONTACT US TODAY to speak about your property, and the process in depth.