The View From Here February 2017

Greetings My Real Estate Friends,

Well, I thought quite seriously about terminating The View From Here Newsletter because frankly, it gets boring talking about how high the prices are in Hood River.

After a couple months off, I was persuaded to continue the now NEARLY DECADE LONG tradition of the email string…..Crazy eh?

Hood River Real Estate is Frozen. Frozen. Frozen……!!!! Like, literally. Every year, when we get some snow around New Year’s, everyone cheerily locks down for a week or two, then we get back to normal around mid-January and get to work.

This year, we are stuck in that loop. Over and over again, just as we think we are past the snow, we get hit with another event. This last one (The fourth or fifth, I think) comes with a cap of ice, which if you’ve experienced it, is no fun at all. The snow is bad, but a 1/2″ crust of ice on top of it is so much worse.

Dividable Land Close to Town - RMLS#16676911

Dividable Land Close to Town – RMLS#16676911

So, Real Estate. Currently the market is in deep hibernation. We are talking with clients about Spring plans, and there looks to be some listing volume on its way, but the buyer demand this year will be high

You’ve heard me refer to the Buyers being “veneer thin” in the past….meaning that once a home or two sells in a certain market, and all the hype gets built up, the prices suddenly moderate as the fourth or fifth Seller to list tried to extend the hype that so recently swirled in their neighborhood, only to find that…….there were only three or four buyers for that neighborhood.

That used to be a rule in Hood River, but I suspect that it has served its purpose, and that now, we are looking at 6 – 9 plus clients in many neighborhoods and market segments looking for homes. In some market segments and neighborhoods, (price and location) I bet it’s over a dozen.

That’s it for this month. Thanks for reading, and we’ll catch up with you next month!

~ Maui Meyer

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