The View From Here May 2017

Happy Spring Everyone! Well, spring is late in arriving in Hood River. This week marks the first of the days over 70 degrees yet this year. It's been a welcome sight to see the sun. The market however continues its record tear, ever increasing prices, and multiple offers on virtually everything.  It's been really out of control. Every year, things seem to mellow out, right about this time of year.... The Sellers keep pushing the envelope, and the Buyers kind of.... well, they kind of balk, every year. I sensed it last weekend, that the fever might have broken, And I think it has.... but only a Real Estate dork like me could see it. Ever so slightly, the Buyers have stepped back. I don’t think most folks will see the impact, (Only 3 offers! Terrible!) but it's there. I still expect these crazy times to continue until the music stops playing. The big question now is, what will cause the music to stop? Your guess is as good as mine.
210 Hazel Ave

Immaculate Downtown Home with Stunning Views - MLS # 17006902

We saw one of the first properties in the Avenues come up in years. Listed in the high 300's and had multiple bids. One could surmise this is a new record for that neighborhood. Brace yourself, $300/sf is now becoming the norm for under 1300 sf. Many of you are on our direct mail list, but if not, we are closing out this year's campaign with an especially fun promotion that I'd like to share with you.... Cedar planking kits! Have you ever cooked your salmon on a BBQ with a cedar plank? It's fun, it's easy, and the results are nearly foolproof. We are giving away salmon planking kits all Summer if you come in and say hi, and since you are ALREADY on our mailing list, just say something nice about us to any of your friends who are considering Selling or Buying.  It's a blast, and the kit is awesome, and it even comes with a You Tube instructional video...Check it out, come on in and say hi!  Kits will be available the middle of May, maybe sooner! Our Brokers are the best Real Estate team in the Gorge. You won't be disappointed.

~ Maui Meyer

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