Our Philosophy

Welcome to Copper West Properties!

In 2001, when we started Copper West, we began with the idea of changing the way we interacted with our customers.

I am not a salesperson naturally. The son of a hotelier, my inclination is to focus on providing a service — the service of finding the correct home, negotiating the best deal and walking each customer through closing and into their new chapter of life in Hood River, Oregon. This service-focused approach, we have found, yields not only more sales, but a greater sales experience every time.

I’ve said it a bunch of times, it’s not about being big, it’s about doing well.

I truly believe this will become the new model of real estate sales. Building a trusted team of accredited professionals is common in just about every large real estate asset purchase, be it a business, a large apartment building, or an office building. Why shouldn’t it be that way for YOUR largest asset?

We look forward to working with you.


Copper West Properties

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