Are we having fun yet? 

Yes, yes, thank you to all the folks who found me on the water, including you, John, who thought it sooo funny to ask me a real estate question up by Rolling Rock (the green 33 buoy – get it?) Hilarious.

Call Judy Dutcher today to talk about this great listing - (541) 490-6327

Call Judy Dutcher today to talk about this great listing – (541) 490-6327

We are just about to hit the “OMG Summer’s almost over and we were going to buy a place in Hood River THIS year!” phase of the year. Right now there is pretty decent inventory, but in about 60 days we’ll be back into tight inventory again. Get ready.

In advance of that, I ran some quick numbers to get a feel for the ebb and flow of the market. Want to know what the Price Per Square Foot (PSF) is for typical Hood River area properties? (This is not an exact science, but I did go back and pull the last 6 months of sales on this one).

Remember, there were/are still foreclosure flushes in here, so some of the numbers might be artificially low, especially at the high end, but still, it is instructive. With all those caveats applied:


Downtown is selling for about $230-$235 per square foot.

Henderson/Mt. Adams, $180-$183

Pacific (behind Rosauers) $190-$195

Style and manufacture

Attached, average of town, $200-$203

Luxury, average of town, $225-$228

Kitts Homes, $249.

Kitts homes are small cottages on small lots. They price out higher because they don’t have all the extra square footage of the other homes (these homes are about 1,000 to 1,300 sf on average)

Notable in that is the lack of any Heights comparables. A couple of sales will close here in a bit, and I expect the numbers to be stratospheric. That could easily be the most expensive market in Hood River at the moment.

I like to use these numbers for a quick on-the-fly valuation, and then if the variation is large, ask “why?” to fine tune. I will then (I admit) dive into our Realtor proprietary AVM called the RPR to further fine tune it, and voila, decent valuation.

So there you have it –  your own little cheat sheet for Hood River late Summer bidding and valuations.

Wind Clause is still in effect. No questions on the water, please. I’m trying to learn how to jump strapless and it’s quite taxing on my 48 year old bones.

See you out there!

~ Maui Meyer