Happy fall, everyone!

More so this year than in recent years, we looked to a slowdown that never came. It’s the first week of October and we are only just now winding down a notch.The usual fall flush of properties hasn’t quite shown well this year, and the Labor Day buying spree felt a touch stronger. That means good numbers in October, and tighter inventory.  I think there is ONE MORE small push to the end of the year, but after that it will be time for a pause.


This extraordinarily rare riverfront property is offered by Hunter Lowery - call (541) 480-5917

This extraordinarily rare riverfront property is offered by Hunter Lowery – call (541) 480-5917


I am sensing a number of people interested in listing going into 2015. We have been getting a fair number of listing inquiries, and even that slight lift in pricing seemed to get everyone’s attention. It’s funny – not all properties lifted in pricing, just a couple, but they seemed to be the ones that caught everyone’s attention. A 100% perfect property in Hood River might actually be trending above 2008 numbers and be in new territory. A property with some defects, however, will take quite a discount.

Am I describing a haves-and-have-nots chart? I think I might.

Outlook for this fall seems to be one of “get yourself oriented to the market because the house you want isn’t listed yet” type of fall. That bodes well for a hefty spring of 2015, which is in line with the listing inquiries.

All, however, could be blown/accelerated by an interest rate tick up. Last time it
ticked up it didn’t accelerate anything, people just stopped buying altogether.

With the soft-ish late summer numbers (housing starts, specifically) and this weird demographic shift to millennial tastes (think “they dont want a suburb”) I bet rates
stay low for a long time. Just, not a strong enough recovery.

Take a breather, get familiar with the Hood River market dynamics, and get ready for an active February 2015!  Fall is here! Time to enjoy it!

~ Maui Meyer